2020 Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature Award Ceremony

On October 8th, in Scientific Library of Lviv National University of Ivan Franko a solemn ceremony of awarding the Prize of Lviv - the city of UNESCO literature took place. This is the largest literary prize awarded by the city authorities in Ukraine. Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy joined the event.

This year we gathered over 76 works, 12 of which appeared in Award's shortlist.

The amount of the main cash prize is UAH 150,000. The regulation also provides for two special awards in the amount of UAH 25,000 each.

"When you're entering this hall and there's no people in, you're feeling yourself pretty small. Because the greatness of books and the wisdom they're giving is like an ocean where you're just a little drop. But when I entered this hall today, and there's so much of you - wise, talented and gifted, I'm happy. When you're among happy people - that's the greatest delight. Thank you for coming today. It's a great honor for me to award today's winner. When we started this wonderful award in Lviv, we thought that this wave will cover whole Ukraine and every city will have it's own literature prize. Maybe it will happen lately, cause that's very important when people read, when there are cool and modern libraries. Last week I met Mr. Andriy Sadomora in library on Mykolaychuka street, that we have renovated and he was so happy, as a kid. Because the atmosphere is completely different. We need to read a lot and be thankful to those people, who are writing cool books" - City Major Andiy Sadoviy said.

The winners were chosen by competent members of the jury, which this year included:

Hanna Uliura - head of the jury, literary critic, PhD in philology;
Alexander Boron - PhD in philology, senior research officer, head of the department of Shevchenko Studies of Institute of Literature of Taras Schevchenko of Ukrainian National Academy of Science.
Danylo Ilnytskyi - literary critic, essayist;
Khrisyna Nazarkevych - German linguistic scientist, translator, associate professor of German philology of National Ivan Franko University of Lviv;
Sophia Filonenko - PhD in philology, professor of department of Ukrainian and foreign literature and contrastive literature science of Berdiansk State Pedagogical University.
Finalist diplomas were given to:

Andriy Masliukh for his translation of George Saunders novel "Lincoln in the bardo";
Vasyl Makhno for novel "Eternal calendar";
Volodymyr Rafeenko for novel "Mondegrin. Songs about death and love";
Halyna Vdovychenko for book "36 and 6 companion cats";
Natalia Ivanychuk for the translation of Torgny Lindgren novel "Hash" ("PÖLSAN");
Olena O'Lir for translation of Joseph Conrad novel "Nostromo";
Oksana Lutsishina for novel "Ivan and Feba";
Ostap Slyvynskiy for translation of Olga Tokarczuk novel "The Books of Jacob" ("Księgi Jakubowe");
Roksoliana Sviato for translation of work "A Woman in Berlin" ("Eine Frau in Berlin");
Taras Luchuk for translation "First poetesses: Codex of ancient Greek women poetry";
Taras Prokhasko for anthology of essays "Yes, but...";
Yurko Prokhasko for translation of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe novel "Elective Affinities" ("Die Wahlverwandtschaften");
Same as the last year, award's jury decided to announce two special prizes with cash amount of 25 000 uah. Special prizes were awarded to Ostap Slyvynskiy (or translation of Olga Tokarczuk novel "The Books of Jacob") and Olena O'Lir (for translation of Joseph Conrad novel "Nostromo").

The main prize of Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature Award in cash amount of 150 000 uah. was given to Oksana Lutsishina for novel "Ivan and Feba";

To watch event's video translation, follow the link:

Source: https://city-adm.lviv.ua/news/culture/282002-vidbulas-tseremoniia-vruchennia-premii-lvova-mista-literatury-yunesko