Shooting of documentary film "Chubay. Talk again" is being held in Lviv.

We are pleased to announce that a documentary film about the outstanding Lviv writer Hryhoriy Chubai was shot in Lviv. A TV project called "Chubai. Talking Again" is created by the "FILM PLUS" company. The project received financial support from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, as well as the office "Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature", which financially supported the film pre-production in 2019.

Mykhailo Krupievskyi is the director and producer of the TV film. The format of the film will be groundbreaking, as it combines the genres of documentary film and teleplay, set in the basement workroom of Hrytsko Chubai. The video projection allows us to peek behind the workroom walls and immerses the viewer in the time and space of events taking place on the screen. The aim of the project is to reveal the mindset of Hrytsko Chubai and create his image, as well as analyze the artist's conflict with the totalitarian regime. The initiator of the TV project is Solomiya Chubai - Hrytsko Chubai's daughter. The Ukrainian poet Serhiy Zhadan will be Hrytsko Chubai's life guide. Like Hrytsko, he is not just a poet, he is a missionary. Today, like Hrytsko Chubai in his time, Serhiy changes the context of his existence: he reads his poems at the front, creates radio programmes, contributes through volunteer work and proves to society his independent opinion, calling a spade a spade. Serhiy will walk the corridors of Hrytsko Chubai's life and will have the opportunity to think about it from a distance measured in time.

Right now, almost 40 years after Hrytsko Chubai’s death, his poetry becomes relevant again and attracts the interest of young people in an eternal search for answers to existential philosophical questions. His poetry, like a coiled spring, straightens and pushes our minds to understand the essence of things. The narrators in the film will be Hrytsko Chubai's friends and members of the family, who are now prominent poets, writers, artists and philosophers who witnessed Hrytsko’s life and work: Halyna Chubai, Taras Chubai, Solomiia Chubai, Vasyl Herasymiuk, Yurii Brylynskyi, Mykola Riabchuk, Roman Kis, Orest Yavorskyi, Roman Hotra, Yurii Vynnychuk, Ihor Kalynets, Bohdan Stelmakh, Vlodko Kaufman, Yosyp Ivankevych, Kateryna Nemyria, Sviatoslav Maksymchuk, Myroslav Hredil.

The film will be premiered on Hrytsko Chubai's birthday (January 23, 2021) on ESPRESSO TV channel.