This year there will be 76 participants to run for Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature Award

Премія Львова — Міста літератури…

Young City Readings. Comics

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Festival of Hope in Lviv

BookForum став партнером всесвітньої…

Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature Report 2015-2019

Найперше та найважливіше, ми є частиною…


Читання Молодого Міста. Комікси

Настав час оголосити другий етап…

Festival of Hope

BookForum став партнером всесвітньої…

Риба, яка співає. Львів

У Львові відбудеться презентація…

Презентація книги Андрія Аркана "Я, Іоанн…"

Запрошуємо поспілкуватися з українським…

А. Дахній «[При]сутність часу: літературно-філософський вимір»

Книгарня «Є» запрошує на лекцію історика…

Дитяча субота для дітей 4-7 років

Книгарня «Є» запрошує дітей від 4…

Story of the most truly person ever

Літературний каламбур «Історія найправдивішої…


(Un)forgotten Names

(Un)forgotten Names is an audiovisual project realized in a multi-series blog in which a well-known Lviv literary scholar, translator and historian Andriy Pavlyshyn reveals the stories of the authors that lived or created their work in Lviv, and whose names, for some reason, were not widely known.

Lviv Literary Residency

Lviv Literary Residency is a unique opportunity for writers from Ukraine and all around the world to visit our city and get inspired for creating new masterpieces. .

Under the Ivan Yakovych brand

The recording of the album Pid markoyu Ivana Yakovycha (Under the Brand of Ivan Yakovich [Franko]) by folk rock Lvivian band Hych Orchestra, which included songs based on translated poems by Ivan Franko, became a poetic and musical venture.

Literary pavilion in the City of literature

Literary pavilion is the poetic musical event dealing with Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar poetry. It was created with the aim to promote literature through combining music and poetry of different cultures, especially the music of Dzhamil Karikov and the poetry of Andrii Seletskyi.

Voices of Freedom

“The voices of freedom” is a special program of “Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature” office within the 25 th BookForum in Lviv. It involves readings by foreign authors in their native languages and general discussions on the topic of freedom.

The series of events “The time hits everyone” for the 110 th anniversary of the birth of Stanisław Jerzy Lec

On the occasion of the 110 th anniversary of the birth of Stanisław Jerzy Lec, a prominent cultural figure of the 20 th century, a series of popular educational events under the common title “The time hits everyone” was organized in collaboration with Polish literary and cultural figures.

Chubai. Ukraine. Love Project. POETY

A legendary Lviv poet and art expert Hryhoriy Chubai would have turned seventy in 2019. In memory of her father, cultural and social activist Solomiia Chubai in collaboration with partners and the team of Lviv – UNESCO City of Literature office have been working on a new art project throughout this year. Chubai. Ukraine. Love is a music album by Jalapita band in which the lyrics of the songs are based on the poems by Hrytsko Chubai and other contemporary poets inspired by him.