Special Program of Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature on 27th Lviv International BookForum. Literature effect: sustainable development projects in literature sphere

Sustainacle development of literature sphere is, first of all, based on programs and strategies. It's already a tradition that Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature Office is holding it's own special program, that traditionally consists of discussions within literature managers of different species.

This year we are going to talk about translation programs, as well as literature residencies and how these factors affects City of Literature development.

September 17, 12:30
Magnetism. Why are literary residencies attractive.
Every literature residence is unique and aims a different actor of literature industry. Within this event we'll talk about interesting cases of residencies in Cities Of Literature Tartu, Bucheon and Milano.

September 17, 15:00
Literature Award. Visible Spectrum
Let's have a talk with those, who affects literature world in Ukraine with their literature - with the nominees of the shortlist of Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature Award. Visible Spectrum - conversation with Hanna Uliura and others will reveal some secrets interesting for literature community.

September 18, 13:30
Language diffusion. About translation in Cities of Literature
Short talks about translation politics and community with representatives of Cities of Literature Slemani, Reykjavik and Barcelona.

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