The third Award of Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature has already announced about its start. Dedicated in 2018, that's the first literature award in Ukraine with such a status, where original and translated piece of art of Ukrainian language is translated. The Award is founded for contributing works of contemporary literature and giving them a public resonance.

Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature Award is the biggest literary award, awarded by City council in Ukraine. Award is founded for contributing and giving a public resonance to works of contemporary literature, that articulate the value of humanity, build the bridges of understanding, support freedom of speech and self-expression, cross-cultural communication and celebrating tolerance. The amount of prize is 150 thousand UAH. Also, with the state of Award, two special prizes of 25 000 UAH are rrovided.

Applications for participation in the competition will be accepted in the period from June 2, 2020 to July 2, 2020.

The main requirements:

  • Only original and translated pieces, first published in 2019 can be nomimated;
  • Literature piece should respond the common humanistic values, it can not offend of abuse honor and dignity of Ukrainian people, as well as propagandize separatism.
  • Plagiarized works and the one with copyright infringement can't be submitted.
  • Nominated piece have to be available in print and|or electronic, the first publication should be submitted in 2019.
  • Nominees can be proposed by the publishing houses, bookstores, and libraries, by the public, professional or creative organizations, as well as cultural and educational institutions of various forms of ownership, which in their statutory activities have a "literature" direction.

Details: following link.

Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature Prize will be awarded the third time this year.

Former winners: Petro Yatsenko "Nevhuy. Nemov. Nebach" in 2018 and Andriy Sadomora with Hesiod's translation of "The Birth of Gods. Works and days. Shield of Heracles" in 2019.

Special prizes in amount of 25 000 went to translator Olga Lubarska and Yaroslava Strikha in 2018, as well as poet Kateryna Kakutko and translator Anna Vovchenko in 2019.

To apply for the award, you should submit the application form and send a hard copy of work to the following address: 79008 Lviv, Rynok Sq., 1, noticing "Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature Award".

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