A legendary Lviv poet and art expert Hryhoriy Chubai would have turned seventy in 2019. In memory of her father, cultural and social activist Solomiia Chubai in collaboration with partners and the team of Lviv – UNESCO City of Literature office have been working on a new art project throughout this year. Chubai. Ukraine. Love is a music album by Jalapita band in which the lyrics of the songs are based on the poems by Hrytsko Chubai and other contemporary poets inspired by him. 


An art evening was held at the Maria Zankovetska National Drama Theater within the context of the 26 BookForum with the participation of Solomiia Chubai, Viktor Morozov and Serhiy Zhadan. The works of the classics, such as Vasyl Stus, Hrytsko Chubai, Mykola Vingranovsky, Pavlo Tychyna, Lesya Ukrainka, as well as the works of contemporary Ukrainian artists - Natalia Bilotserkivets, Serhiy Zhadan, Yurko Izdryk, Marianna Kiyanovska and Maryana Savka were recited to the accompaniment of the INSO-lviv symphony orchestra and the Jalapita band.

There was also a presentation of Solomiia Chubai's POETY album, which contains 10 songs-symphonies based on the legendary texts of Ukrainian literature, Hrytsko Chubai’s poem Vertep (The Nativity Play) performed by Serhiy Zhadan, Viktor Morozov and Solomiia Chubai, as well as the poem Vidshukannia prychetnoho (Looking for the One Involved) performed by the author himself.