In the spring of 1887 the printing house of The Shevchenko Society issued Female Almanac “The first wreath” in Lviv.

Lviv. It was a special event in the Ukrainian history due to at least two reasons. First of all, it was the first almanac where seventeen women
were the authors, compilers and publishers. Perhaps, even the first of such kind in the world.

Besides, this project was probably the first one to unite Ukrainian territories that were separated in those times. Among the members of the group there were representatives from Galychyna, Dnipro Ukraine, and even Southern Ukraine (Kherson Governorate). The collection of 49 original texts wasn’t limited to literary works. The first edition of “The first flower crown” included interesting ethnographic researches and the number of feministic articles, especially about the status of women in Ukraine and in the world.

status of women in Ukraine and in the world. This almanac is now an interesting document of the epoch when the idea of modern Ukrainian nation was conceived and Galychyna became Ukrainian Piedmont – the region that boosted the national Renaissance of the whole country. Every single member of the group deserves deep scientific research, since not only their works but also lives became the building blocks of the great and precious project titled “Ukraine”.