Lviv UNESCO City of Literature due to lockdown or what we did in 2020. 

We didn't even notice how, and in spite of everything, we did a lot! 

5 Years as Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature! 

This year was the first time when we reported on our activities to the UNESCO Secretariat. 

Briefly about the main points: 

  • The main plans and goals of Lviv as a UNESCO City of Literature are the creation of a new cross-sectoral product; cooperation with local authors and international promotion of local literary product; 
  • In 5 years, the office has created and launched more than a dozen projects at the international, national and local levels. You can get acquainted with the projects here.
  • We are active distributors of literary ideas! In different ways, and over the years of being the City of Literature, we have done many events and helped many authors to make as many people as possible know why and how Lviv is a UNESCO City of Literature! 

The long and exciting process of compiling the report, working on the text and gathering information, design and layout - all our efforts were rewarded, because, in the end, we received an "excellent" mark! 


4 Ukrainian festivals in which we took part this year! 

Although it was difficult, this year we became online and offline participants in 4 festivals! 

  • In these difficult times we managed to visit Tolokas in Chernihiv and Zaporizhzhia and also hold presentations of the activities of the “Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature” Office;  
  • We met more than 50 new representatives of the Ukrainian literary environment; 
  • Together with the Franko House and their incredible portable exhibition, we presented “Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature” in Odessa as part of the International Book Festival Green Wave.The purpose of our visit was to congratulate the new member of UNESCO Literature - Odessa in our friendly network.
  • Of course, we have traditionally taken part in BookForum.This year the festival was held online, so we had nice talks with the Cities of Literature Nottingham, Norwich and Krakow, as well as with representatives of partner festivals from Ukraine. How it was...


3 video projects of “Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature” Office were published in 2020! 

This year we, together with literary figures of Lviv, realized 3 author's video projects! 

Instead of talking for so long, we would rather show you. 

City of Inspiration. Stories:

Published in Lviv: 


(Un)forgotten names of literary Lviv. Places of presence. Season 2 


2 months of remote work.

We all remember the spring period of remote work. Fortunately, the “Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature” Office quickly adapted to the spring quarantine conditions and completely transformed its work into an online format. First, we came up with an idea to organize the “Introvert Party #inacityofliterature” - a weekly online digest on a variety of literary topics. A selection can be found here.


During this period, we also began to implement the "Young City Readings". During the quarantine, we productively worked on the first part of the competition, namely, prose, and its participants had the opportunity to speak publicly during the readings on August 24th. Watch Young City Readings online


And of course, we can't help but mention the POETY. Correspondence Flash Mob, initiated by Lviv literary figures Solomiia Chubai, Ostap Slyvynskyi and Olha Povoroznyk.


1 annual festival "The City that inspires" 1 Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature Prize. 

The Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature Office was founded in 2016 on the initiative and with the assistance of the Department of Culture  and Hnat Khotkevych City Palace of Culture and since then we have commemorated this event every year as part of our «The city that inspires» festival. During this time, together with our colleagues from the Department of Culture, we actively implemented the program " Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature ", which aims to promote the development of the literary environment of Lviv. Thanks to this program, the largest literary award from local self-government has appeared in Lviv. The “Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature” Award, which our office is honoured to contribute to every year. This year the winner of the award was the incredible Oksana Lutsyshyna for the novel "Ivan and Pheba". 


The 5th annual “The city that inspires” festival went online in 2020. How it was:

Here you can watch a video broadcast from the Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature Prize in 2020. 

Sincere congratulations on the coming 2021!
May this year be easier than the previous, and remember, we love you! ♥