The literary map is another opportunity to meet famous people who wrote their works and promoted literature in Lviv. The map opens up new and brings back forgotten names of writers and publishers who lived in or were somehow associated with our city. The map brings together places where one can borrow, buy, read or write a book. It features the most significant locations of the literary life in Lviv, monuments to authors and literary characters, thematic museums, bookstores, libraries and coffee shops.

NB! This map only projects part of literary Lviv. That's only the start of rich story, that should be described in at least couple of books.

Stavropihian Institute Printing House

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Havryshkevycha St., 2, Lviv

This building belonged to the Lviv Dormition (Stavropegion) Brotherhood, which founded the school and the printing house there. The basis for the printing house were machines bought out from Ivan Fedorov. The first newspaper in Ukrainian – Zoria Halytska – was published here in 1848.

The actual museum was founded in 1889 by historian Isidor Sharanevych on the basis of the archaeological and bibliographic exhibition devoted to the 900th anniversary of the Baptism of Ukraine. It became the first public museum in Galicia. Later some of the exhibits from this museum were transferred to other institutions of Lviv, particularly manuscripts and hand press books – to the Books Museum and the Vasyl Stefanyk National Scientific Library of Lviv. Nowadays the building hosts the Museum of the Stauropegian Lyceum (restored in 2014). The exposition mostly features printing equipment of the second half of the 20th century.