Network of cities

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network was founded in 2004. The Network aims at promoting the cooperation among cities by investing in creativity as the driving force for sustainable urban development, social inclusion and extended impact on the general global culture. 

The Network includes 116 members from 54 countries and represents 7 spheres of creative activity: Crafts and Folk Arts, Design, Film, Gastronomy, Literature, Music, and Media Arts.  

The main tasks of the Network are as follows: 

  • To intensify international cooperation among creative cities. 
  • To stimulate and support the cities’ creativity initiatives as an integral component of urban development. 
  • To assist with creation, production and holding cultural events 
  • To establish creativity and innovation centres, broaden the opportunities for artists and professionals in the cultural field.  

We are the global cities network that specializes in the literature sphere development.

UNESCO Cities of Literature Network values are as follows: 

  • Building an open cooperative network that highlights the diversity and richness of world languages and literature. 
  • Dialogue and freedom of expression as the core values manifested at events and projects; 
  • Strengthening relationships among Creative Cities all over the world; 
  • Realization of opportunities that strengthen local and national literary sectors;
  •  Active and proactive communication with each other as well as with the partners.

Currently, the Network includes 28 cities representing 23 countries.