Why You Should Attend the Introvert Party #inacityofliterature.

The Introvert Party #inacityofliterature is an online digest created by Lviv – UNESCO City of Literature Office Ukraine during quarantine. The purpose of the digest is to familiarize you with the curiosities of the literary world with no need to leave home. They will always be relevant, so we decided to create a selection of our favorite parties and, at the same time, to acquaint our readers with the team of the Lviv – UNESCO City of Literature Office Ukraine. 


Bohdana Brylynska, the Head of the Office. 


“My favorite digest is the one about travelling, since the literature is the best way to travel without moving an inch.” 

We all love to travel and discover something new, and in modern world this can be done without leaving home. 

Today we offer to explore a slightly different side of literature - its ability to be the guardian of our experience and memory.

The project “Oral History of Lviv”: created by Center for Urban History is useful for exploring the history of Lviv. It has collected stories of people who are living and lived in Lviv. Here you can find out how our city changed throughout its history.

The Territory of Terror museum project gives us the opportunity to look at that part of the history of our city that is not obvious and convenient for our perception. The project is a catalog that tells the stories of people who were in the forced labor camp "Yanowska". https://cutt.ly/etvTiZ5

If you still feel locked in your city, you can open a literary map of Lviv on our updated web-site, through which you can meet the writers of our city and find out what places in Lviv are associated with them. https://cityofliterature.lviv.ua/litmaping/

Then you can try to explore your literary tastes and compare them with the tastes and recommendations of people from around the world through thisresource.

And after that you are welcome on YouTube-channel of the project “Travel Book. Ukraine”. There are a lot of curiosities about our country, its famous people, history and sights.



Anna Khriakova, International Project Manager and Communications Manager 


“It is extremely pleasant to nurture an inner child, regardless of the actual age. What else but fairy tales can help you with that? 

Each child has their own imaginary world to which they travel, in which they create their own stories. But at the same time, as children we get acquainted with other worlds through the stories that our loved ones tell us. Today we want to tell you more about fairy tales. We were falling asleep with them. They were our first books. We imagined that we were princes and princesses, or arranged fantastic adventures with our toys. We offer to remember this wonderful time and listen to famous fairy tales performed by modern Ukrainian artists..  

You may have a question, why did we love fairy tales so much? The answer is very simple - they develop mental abilities, imagination, help to explore the world and have an instructive function. Every fairy tale teaches children the principles of morality, which are so important for them. Here is the article by the Old Lion Publishing House about the role of fairy tales in children's development..

Most of popular fairy tales are folk tales that inspired the literary ones written by well-known to all of us authors: the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, Hans Christian Andersen, Rudyard Kipling, Joan Rowling, John Tolkien and others..

Not less familiar for us are Ukrainian fairy tales and storytellers, in particular Ivan Franko, Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi, Olena Pchilka, Vsevolod Nestaiko, Natalia Zabila, Dzvinka Matiyash, Taras Prokhasko and Halyna Vdovychenko. We recommend you to read about what a modern Ukrainian fairy tale is in an interesting interview with Ivan Andrusyak, the children's writer..

Fairy tales are now changing their form. They are not just retold or published as a book but even filmed. We offer you to get acquainted with a fairy tale written by our office about the literary heroine of our city - Basya, who constantly travels and meets new friends #inacityofliterature https://www.youtube.com/playlist….

Of course, fairy tales are not just for children. Adults often return to the magical world of fairy tales. Some of them want to feel like a child again, while others - to rethink stories and understand that they are not for kids only. But let this playful and simple childhood, full of warmth and pleasant emotions always be with us.

Pavlo Koriaha, the National Project Manager of the Lviv – UNESCO City of Literature Office Ukraine. 


“Quarantine is the time to rethink some things and to look for something you always would like to do but never had time for. It was in quarantine when I found the process of cooking interesting for me, and the digest helped me with that.” 

City of Literature is the city of a large creative network in which we are closely connected with the other six industries - music, applied arts, cinematography, media art, design and cooking. Today we will focus on cooking and try to show its interaction with literature.                                                                             

A book, like a cooking, is an art, and the work of a writer is similar to the work of a chef - to create with material and an idea. Here you can find out what else cooking is similar to writing with. https://vsiknygy.net.ua/neformat/12084/.

Did you know that Volodymyr Vynnychenko was a vegan, Taras Shevchenko loved crucian borsch, plums and watermelon, and Ivan Franko, although not picky about food, loved potatoes with mushrooms, fried eggplants and all thanks to his wife Olha Franko’s culinary skills. By the way, Olga Franko was a well-known Ukrainian cook and author of cookbooks, in particular, in 1929 her book "The First Ukrainian General Practical Cuisine" was published in Lviv, and in 2019 the book was republished with comments by Marianna Dushar. https://folio.com.ua/…/1-sha-ukrayinska-zagalno….

Now it is time to look at how the writers feed the heroes of their works. Often the world of the character is depicted in such detail that when you read you feel the smells and tastes of food that surrounds them. Here you can find out about what is on the tables of the heroes of modern Ukrainian literature https://eda.bit.ua/2017/04/food-literature/and here you can even try to prepare the dishes that the heroes recommend. https://starylev.com.ua/…/gotuyemo-za-receptamy….

Designer Diana Fried reinforces the word by collecting dishes from the most famous fiction books in the book.

You can also take the course "Gastronomic masterpieces of literature”. This is a course of 9 lectures, where you can learn how literature reflects the gastronomic practices of society and culinary fashion of different eras https://courses.culturalproject.org/gastr#buy.  

Mariana Zahoruiko, the Local Project Manager of the Office 


“First of all, I really like the game of "joint novel", which the digest ends with. These are really useful resources to develop creativity, and moreover, to do that since childhood. This digest is both creative and practical”.   

You may have always dreamed of being a writer, but something stopped you? When there is more than enough time, our digest “Introvert Party #inacityofliterature” will help you, as it contains interesting recommendations and useful tips for unleashing your creative potential at home!

We recommend starting with the Educational Platform "Wonderful Prose" by Petro Yatsenko, the writer, winner of the Lviv Prize - City of Literature 2018. Petro Yatsenko.

The platform is full of inspiration. Here are some interesting stories that will inspire you to write your own! The main condition is to be brave and not be afraid of monsters!


Be in trend and try your hand at a real challenge! Here you can create your own story by taking part in one of the tasks offered by professional teachers of storytelling and writing skills.

After the implementation of quarantine, life changed suddenly. The city streets are empty. Concerts, exhibitions and discussions - canceled. The entire cultural space was also in quarantine. The question arises - what to do in the evening at home for three weeks?  PEN Ukraine says, “Read good books that the members of the Ukrainian PEN help you to choose as part of the online project “Book Evening with PEN Ukraine”.

А ще, дуже рекомендуємо до перегляду фільм “Геній”. Це – драматична історія про непрості відносини письменника та редактора, адже, як відомо, за кожним великим романом стоїть не лише масштабна робота письменника, але й “іншого” автора роману – редактора. Ця історія не просто про книгу, а й про її шлях від авторської шухлядки до книжкової полиці в магазині.



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