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Харківський Prime Orchestra продовжує благодійний тур Європою на підтримку України

Виступи кросовер-оркестру Prime Orchestra з Харкова відбулися у німецькому регіоні Нижня Саксонія. Музиканти зіграли благодійні концерти в Ганновері, Айнбеку, Оснабрюку та Вольфенбюттелі. Всі ці міста прихистили багатьох українців з початку військової агресії РФ. На своїх заходах Prime Orchestra не лише виконували світові хіти та українську музику у власному симфонічному аранжуванні, а й демонстрували відео квітучого […]

Харків – місто музики ЮНЕСКО продовжує співпрацю з містами Креативної мережі

Харків – місто талановитої, креативної молоді, яка створює наше майбутнє.   Заради підтримки нашого українського народу, неподільності України, підтвердження іміджевого та репутаційного статусу міста в мережі ЮНЕСКО наразі реалізується серія антивоєнних інформаційно-музичних акцій від міста Харкова, як учасника креативної мережі ЮНЕСКО. Головна мета –  інформування населення міст Європи про реальний стан війни з РФ в […]

More than 2 months of horrific reality

On April 27 Canadian lawmakers voted unanimously to call Russia’s attacks in Ukraine a “genocide”, with members of parliament saying there was “ample evidence of systemic and massive war crimes against humanity” being committed by Moscow. The Canadian House of Commons’ motion said war crimes by Russia include mass atrocities, systematic instances of willful killing […]

Freedom Blue. Vital Yellow

Mariupol: the «heart» of a war that’s still beating This is what President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says about Mariupol, which has been surrounded by Russian troops for already a month and a half. The situation in the city remains not only tense, but terrifying and catastrophic. The Russian military, contrary to Russian media reports, has failed […]

Many minutes of silence

Many many minutes of silence would be needed to pay tribute to all of our fallen citizens and find the ability to speak after Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel, Borodyanka, Izyum, Mariupol… For us, Ukrainians, the world has changed and will never be the same as before. We ask you to remain silent with us – in […]

Human is a duty, not a title

these words belong to Vasyl Stus, a Ukrainian poet, translator, human rights activist, and active member of a dissident movement. For his civic position, defending the right of Ukrainian culture to development his works were banned by the Soviet regime and he spent 13 years in detention until his death in Perm-36, a Soviet forced […]

Being together

Coexisting: Lviv Cultural Institutions working in a Wartime The Cultural Strategy Institute looks at the work of cultural institutions at a time that no one could have imagined — in the wartime. We arranged interviews with a number of Lviv cultural institutions — theaters, libraries, cultural and art centers — to ask about their current […]

War is on our calendar

A month since Russia attacked Ukraine. Human psychology works in a way that we’re getting used to, adapting to the situation, whatever it may be, protective mechanisms are activating. The case of the first civilian deaths, pictures of the first civilian house shelling and destruction by Russian were a shock to all of us. Then […]

We’ll win and restore everything

Life that won’t happen   The acute phase of Russia’s war against Ukraine, which began in 2014, has been going on for a month. From February 24, the chronology does not matter for Ukrainians. The number of victims is what’s counting here indeed. It is difficult to say the exact numbers: while we prepare the […]

Pray for Mariupol until it exists!

  The city of Mariupol is still the center of a humanitarian catastrophe. 300,000 Ukrainians are being held hostage in front of the whole world. For 14 days people have no access to food, water, heat or communication. Under bombs and shelling. Without the possibility of providing humanitarian and medical assistance. Deputy Mayor of Mariupol […]


Stand with us!   Journalists, priests, moms-to-be… all killed by Russian troops   19-th day of Russian war against Ukraine. The Russian military fires and commits violence against civilians, violating all laws and customs of war. Furthermore, on March 13 the first reported death of a foreign journalist was uncovered.    Brent Renaud – acclaimed […]

Ми – люди культури

Ми – люди культури. Ми – люди літератури. Та перш за все, ми – люди, ми Українці.  Наша справа – плекати любов до людей, цінності толерантності до іншого, підтримки різноманітності.  Вам, колеги, знайома українська культура, Ви знаєте, наскільки вона багата та різна, ми презентуємо Вам кримську культуру, говоримо про Львівських євреїв та їх неоціненний вклад […]

“Struggle on – and be triumphant!”

these are the words of Taras Shevchenko, a Ukrainian poet, a symbolic figure for Ukraine. The Prophet, whose calls for freedom from the yoke and the will to fight, are relevant for Ukraine today even more than ever. Today we celebrate 208 years since the great poet’s birth! And we are struggling! “The secret is […]

12th day of the new reality

Ukrainians continue to call on NATO to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine to help save the lives of people. So, according to preliminary data, within the 10.5 days of the Russian invasion, 38 Ukrainian children were killed and 71 injured by Russian shelling. Source: Ukraine’s Ombudsperson Ludmyla Denysova. The Russian occupiers in Ukraine have […]

#standwithUkraine. March 4th-5th.

Dear friends of Ukraine! The 10th day of war in Ukraine. The 10th day of war against humanity. We have no words to react to the horrific events we see in Ukraine caused by Russian aggression today. Killing civilians. Killing children. Raping women. Destroying civilian infrastructure. Obstructing humanitarian corridors, shelling a nuclear power plant that […]

#standwithUkraine. March, 3

“Life will overcome death, and light will overcome darkness” these are Ukrainian President’s words written in Ukrainian on the cover of the last TIME’s  issue   “In our history and our homeland we have survived two world wars, three Holodomors, the Holocaust, Babyn Yar, the Great Purge, the Chornobyl disaster, the occupation of Crimea and the […]

Liberty wears blue and yellow now!

According to opinion polls (by Rating Polling Agency), almost 90% of Ukrainian people believe that Ukraine will be able to repel Russia’s attack! We believe in our victory despite the shattered Liberty Square in Kharkiv, one of the largest in Europe, despite the Russian occupiers continue to attack Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Mariupol, Konotop, Bucha […]